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Yoga Maze Certified Teacher

My name is Uli Dueregger and I am a certified  500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

I am teaching Hatha yoga with an emphasis on correct alignment and exact posture as well as Vinyasa classes. I have studied with Noah Mazé, Desiree Rumbaugh, Stacey Rosenberg and Christina Sell. Currently, I am deepening and expanding my yoga teaching skills through continuing studies with Noah Maze. I am very excited about this curriculum since it covers many different angles of yoga teaching – from technique of the poses to physiological and spiritual development.


When I first started practicing yoga in 2001 I thought more about a nice exercise that keeps my body refreshed and fit. But pretty soon I was offered through yoga not only a physical but also an even deeper spiritual dimension that essentially changed my whole life. Both my body and my mind started soon to feel better, clearer and healthier than ever before. The goal in all of my practices is to influence body and mind in a way that I feel more energized and more positive and as such become a healthier person.


So in a way we can say to live from the inside out!

My Mantra is to Go With a Smile through Life and be Happy.

I like to encourage everybody to do yoga. I believe the greatest and best investment anybody can make is in his/her own health, both physically and spiritually. When we feel good and are energized, our mind becomes clear and then we can do things that before we never thought of we could do. Key to success is proper physical alignment to enter poses that heal and prevent injuries, a fun lighthearted nonjudgmental environment and a supportive community all of which help us finding our inner strength. In addition to yoga, I am also certified in Pilates Mat 1 and Mat 2 through the Balanced Body University.


Professionally, I’m holding a Master’s of Science In Architecture from the University of Frankfurt, Germany, and I work at a local architecture firm in Palo Alto, CA. Besides yoga and work, I’m enjoying road biking, horseback riding and art.


Please contact me with any questions via a reply or email me at


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